Transformation of local cable operator into a Media Entertainment Brand
The initial assets of main "Ziggo" brand were encased within a static “fractal" look and feel, so we decided to cut them loose and set the brand in motion. The new dynamic fractals were then applied to different sports and athletes, resulting in a more contemporary and energetic look for Ziggo Sport.
United Through Sport
Created a strong, unique and contrasting photographic style for the on screen graphic package and elements. This culminated in 42 dynamic backgrounds and 150 custom images.
Welcome to Diodrum 2.0
We took the original Diodrum typeface and in collaboration with our friends at the Indian Type Foundry, created a custom and bespoke cut of the font.
Coherent System
The new look and feel was extended beyond the graphic package, into the Idents, Social Media Toolkit and beyond.
Automated GFX system
Built from Start to finish
Agency: CapeRock
Creative Director: Dann Smit
Design Director: Jonny Singh
Animation: Jord Veerman & Martijn Paasschens
[My Role: Design & Art Direction, Production & Implementation]
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