Jonny is an award-winning, innovative creative with 15+ years experience, who has been living and working in Amsterdam for the last 10 years.
He is an expert in his field, working across design, branding, broadcast and digital. His talents shine through personally crafting ideas & creative concepts, inspiring talented individuals and collaborating with creative teams from all over the world.
As a design leader, Jonny seeks creative excellence at every touch-point. He is a firm believer that simplicity is hard and that design is truly about problem-solving and making people's lives better.
Before taking a small pause to spend time with family, Jonny led, grew and developed one of the largest and fastest growing digital design departments within MediaMonks.*
Working at the intersection of brand, content and technology, Jonny collaborated closely with a broad range of globally established clients. Turning complexity into possibility.
As an advocate of pure system driven design in combination with innate craft he helped to transform the level of brand thinking throughout the MediaMonks studio.
This enabled him to challenge the status quo and design, develop and deliver content at scale, whilst shaping brands for a hyper connected future.
Prior to joining MediaMonks, Jonny worked with various International agencies, throughout New York, London, Amsterdam and Dubai, whereby he was extremely hands on, being actively involved in pixel-perfect detail, day in day out.
Jonny led numerous global projects over his career. He has had the fortune to sit on jury panels, organise and present at events, and also lucky enough to have his work awarded.
He is also very active across many collaborations, startups and personal projects, including recently branding a new type of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency platform geared towards social benefit.
In an ever changing world, which is now facing a shift towards re-building and global recovery, Jonny looks even more to the increasing importance of the customer journey, contextual content and the overall digital experience.
When everything is changing. Anything is possible.
*Now at over 2500 people MediaMonks made it into Working Not Working's top 50 companies "Creatives Would kill to Work for" alongside Airbnb, Apple, Disney, Google, Nike, Patagonia, Pentagram, Tesla, Wieden+Kennedy and others full article here

Selected Credits:
Gold — Eyes and Ears Award
Ziggo Sports Rebrand [Best Sports Design]
Silver — Eyes and Ears Award
Ziggo Sports Rebrand [Best New Corporate Design]
Gold — Visual Identity Awards 
Joe Mediaalan [Best Brand Identity]
Gold — Eyes and Ears Award 
Nickelodeon, The Ludwig's  [Best On-Air Prog Spot > Kids]
Gold — Eyes and Ears Award 
ZDF, Heute + [Best Information Design]
If you would like to discuss a new project, please feel free to contact Jonny anytime:
"Keep it simple, keep it relevant, keep it consistent and the difference is always in the detail. 
Try and have fun, create something you love, craft it, look after it and then protect it".
Jonny Singh — Promax 2017
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