Creating an engaging European travel brand
Caperock was approached by the Sundio Group*  to work in partnership on the rebranding of Sunweb. In the travel market most operators only sell sand, sea and sun, so we wanted to steer the brand away from the norm and towards a more emotive holiday experience. 
*Since the successful launch Sundio Group has been renamed as the Sunweb Group​​​​​​​.
The “Spark”
The goal of the rebrand was to position Sunweb as the qualitative alternative in the market. By creating a new improved look and feel in combination with a visual property the "Spark" that could be used as a digital shorthand version of the logo.
Playfull Brand Expression
The pattern is a surprising playful expression of the "Spark" within the brand look and feel. It can be seen and used as a supportive element in order to create a stronger link between the brandmark and the marketing & communication.
A word to the wise 
The Sunweb typography says a great deal about the brand. We created a distinct typographic style, based on format, function and purpose. 
Picture Perfect 
An image can tell a thousand words, so the Sunweb photography is styled towards the golden hour giving it an optimistic feeling whilst being engaging, in the moment and focussed solely towards the consumer. 
From Analog to Digital 
In collaboration with the Sunweb UX Design we optimised the design of the website and the App. We created a set of bespoke icons, looked at the user interface, flow and composition of all elements in order to create a simple navigation that only had the user in mind.
Team Sunweb 
A significant, sustainable and recognisable brand now at the highest level of international cycling.
World Class Branding at High Speed
Agency: CapeRock
Creative Director: Dann Smit
Design Director: Jonny Singh
Designer: Frank Gouwy
Designer: Lisa Schuler
Animation: Wesley Vermeer
[My Role: Concept, Design & Art Direction, Production & Implementation]
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